Re: Extro conference anon survey (was re: anybody out there?)

From: scerir (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 16:18:20 MST

Let us try.

Age: 51 (still breathing)
Profession: finance strategist, farmer, lawyer, crackpot, etc.
Education: Rome Univ. La Sapienza, Inst. for Physics
Gender: male
Where do you live: Rome, Italy
Attached or single: single
Number of children (if any): one
Signed up for cryo: no
Number of years: zero
First hear of the extropians: a friend (transhuman)
Where did you hear of Extro 5: this list
Do you like sushi: not at all
Signed up with Extropy Institute: yesterday
Number of years: 0.0027397
Annual income: very random (it depends on Nasdaq)
Religious denomination: zen and christian
Sexual orientation: what? straight I suppose
Country of origin: Italy
Ethnicity: just italian
Given to charities in the past year: about 500$

It's not so interesting. I think we can add some more:
disposition, weight, diet, training, sports, tallness,
hobby, sleep time, fears.

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