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From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 14:48:36 MST

While perhaps not making PETA happy because milk is still used in part but
at least no animals are killed is to go to your local sports nutrition store
and replace meat products with the various ion exchange and cross filtration
whey protein products. There are a lot of products to chose from. There is a
wide range of these and they have a low fat content . They are so effective
my doctor is concerned about my BUN levels. But, on the other hand he is
very happy my cholesterol is running 135 to 145 MG/DL. I guess it is a
matter of taste and the fact that I don't like to go shoping or cook or
clean the kitchen but I like the whey products better than meat ( and much
better than fish).

BTW does anyone remember and have a source for the Azostix system to measure
blood urea nitorgen (BUN) made by the Ames Company. They work like the
glucose sticks.
You put a drop of blood on them, wait a period of time and wash them and
compare color ranges.



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>From: Max More <>
>>>At 08:05 AM 2/16/01, Brian Williams wrote:
>>>Why not try to grow something healthier than meat? Maybe
>>>something along the line of a TVP (textured vegetable protein).
>>>Although we might have to skip soybeans, there was just a new
>>>article out implicating them with thyroid problems if I remember
>>>On to the "medical diets" of Bruce Sterlings "Holy Fire".
>>Even better -- the vat-grown, full-nutrition food in Bruce
>>Sterling's earlier "Islands in the Net" (one of his best two books
>>in my view).
>Scop, single cell protein. There was a group called if I remember
>correctly "the new millenialists" were very big on spirulina
>( I remember enjoying their book, but a google
>search just turned up no trace of them.
>Watch out for bulgarian pellets.
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