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>> Please visit my current net.art exhibition featuring
a 3D and animation of
>> Primo 3M+ 2001 future body design. Thanks to
collaborative scientific
>> and music is by E. Shaun Russell.
>> http://www.natasha.cc/primo.htm
>Good Morning Natasha,
>Wonderful communication of your knowledge and passion
previewing a
>not-to-distant future.
>And I kept looking for the order form...or at least a
page where I could
>submit my email address for future notification when
the "product" becomes
>available in my area!
>Here's a fwd I thought might be of use in this endeavor:
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>Subject: CFP: Sym: on Communication of Art, Science,
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>Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:59:35 +0100
>From: "netzspannung.org" <cast01@netzspannung.org>
>Subject: [rohrpost] cast01: Symposium on Communication
of Art,
> Science and Technology
>call for participation / submission deadline
31.05.2001 / Schloss
>Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin (Bonn), 20-22.09.2001
>cast01: Symposium on Communication of Art, Science and
>We invite you to participate in the cast01 symposium on
>of artistic, cultural, technological and scientific
issues of:
>Living in Mixed Realities
>What does it mean to live, play and work in a world
shaped and
>perceived through digital media, networks and
architectures of
>real-virtual space? The development of complex
communication spaces,
>life environments and economic models is an interplay
of technical,
>social, and artistic forces - Mixed Realities of Art,
Science and
>The design of a Mixed Reality Architecture, which
connects processes
>in virtual space to the social environments and
cultural practices of
>real places, presents challenges to technologists,
scientists and
>artists alike. In such an architecture the basic design
elements are
>networked structures for new forms of collaborative
work and knowledge
>discovery, human-centred interaction and awareness,
media spaces and
>advanced interfaces.
>At cast01 scientists will present technologies and
>that address these challenges. Artists will present
aesthetic concepts
>of digital culture and new interactive media formats.
cast01 is an
>invitation for a discussion between artistic practices
and the
>forefront of research and development of information
>cast01 is organised by netzspannung.org and by the GMD -
>National Research Center for Information Technology. It
is supported
>by the German Federal Ministry for Education and
Research (bmb+f) and
>by the European Commission.
>e-mail: cast01@netzspannung.org
>Monika Fleischmann / Wolfgang Strauss
>MARS - Exploratory Media Lab
>GMD - Institute for Media Communication
>Schloss Birlinghoven
>D-53754 Sankt Augustin, Germany
>On September 20-22, 2001 cast01 will present inspiring
media art and
>innovative research projects from the EU Information
>Technologies programme (IST). Semantic Web, Mixed
Reality, Advanced
>Interfaces and Future Media Spaces are only some of the
topics that
>symbolise the influence of information technology on
patterns of life
>and work in a networked society. cast01 explores the
ways in which
>Next Generation Internet can be understood, explored
and supported
>through creative interdisciplinary practices.
>cast01 invites submissions of inspiring research,
>development and artistic production. Proposed
contributions may be in
>the form of research papers and artistic presentations
as well as
>blueprints and posters of developing ideas.
Researchers, artists,
>theorists, practitioners and entrepreneurs are
encouraged to submit
>interdisciplinary projects and critical reflections on
the merging of
>the virtual and the real.
>* Agents, Avatars and Narrative Intelligence
>* Advanced and Performative Interfaces, Displays and
>* Awareness and Knowledge Discovery
>* Collaborative Media Spaces and Interactive
>* Community Systems, Cooperative Platforms, Portals and
>* Distributed Systems and Parallel Architectures for
the Web
>* Distribution of Content and Multimedia Services
>* Enabling Technologies, Authoring Tools, Artistic
>* Interactive Streaming, Intermedia Formats,
Interactive TV
>* Knowledge & Memory Spaces, Cultural Archives
>* Metadata and Application Delivery (XML, VRML, MPEG-4,
>* Network Games, Virtual Theatre, Virtual Exhibitions
>* Next Generation Internet and Emergent Technologies
>* Signal Processing and Mixed Reality
>* Tracking and Tracing People, Homes, Ambience
>Notification of acceptance: June 30, 2001
>Camera-ready papers: July 15, 2001
>Symposium Registration Deadline: July 31, 2001
>The symposium languages are both English and German
with simultaneous
>Accepted papers and blueprints will be published in the
>proceedings, in English. A special issue of
netzspannung.org -
>(e-)Journal of Art, Design and Innovation Research will
be published
>with cast01 symposium best papers.
>The best paper, artistic presentation, blueprint,
poster and student
>presentation will be honored with the cast01 award.
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