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Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 08:48:03 MST

I would be willing to bet that PETA would go all out to protect a species
that was really cute and cuddly. They sure wouldn't give a damn about a
cold AI or an ugly insect like creature, but if some lab creates a living,
breathing Furby and then suggested that we slaughter and eat it - I
guarantee that PETA would pitch a fit and probably support releasing the
Furby into the wild - where it would promptly die of starvation and


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> Never will happen. PETA would want animals to live "naturally"
> without human interference. They would never condone, promote or
> protect a man-made species. The certainly would never want a
> man-made species released into the wild to infect the "natural"
> environment. Their motivation is to restore nature, not create or
> protect new species. Witness the GM foods debate, where none of the
> Greens want to protect the new/rare plants. Instead, they want to
> destroy them to protect natural plants from competing with the new
> plants.
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