Re: Neal Blaikie vs Michael Lorrey

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 21:08:07 MST wrote:

> So let me ask your rhetorical question back at you. Why do capitalists
> and such attempt to treat communists with such disdain "when they
> have never been able to show even one success after all these years?"
> Just curious. Hal

As much as I hate to wade into this morass, I would suggest the
reason capitalists disdain commies is because of the horrifying
destruction of society that comes along with every communist
revolution. Some are worse than others, of course. The world
is watching a soft destruction going on in Hong Kong, as opposed
to the violent course of Cuba, Russia, China, etc. In those three cases,
woe indeed to anyone who owned anything, for the bourgeois
were often slain or tortured for their crime of owning more than
they needed to survive when the commies came to steal their gross

Those of us who lived when the USSR was a powerful force in
the world lived with the notion (which I still believe) that communism
cannot prosper long term alongside capitalism. The capitalist
side will always prosper whereas the commie side will be poor,
leading to the young commies to yearn for what the capitalists have,
leading to dissatisfaction. Therefor, the entire world must be commie,
or else communism dies. That is pretty much what happened in
the last century, eh?

Nowthen, I seldom get worked up as you know, but for this I
take a stand: the multistage battle that is coming to be known as
world war 3, the fight against communism and its ultimate
destruction is a cause that was *worth* every drop of blood that
was shed, which were tragically many. To this day, freedom loving
people, perhaps *especially* extropians, must remember the
sacrifices that were made and the lives lost to defeat this loathsome
curse on humankind. May it never return. May humanity never
again suffer the bitterness of communism, nazism, fascism, EVER.

Find a Vietnam vet, shake his hand, buy him lunch, tell him you
appreciate his sacrifice. spike

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