RE: Question about PETA...

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 18:49:53 MST

If PETA is so concerned about the welfare of animals why don't they put
their money where their mouth is and fund a program of DNA/tissue research
to develop a healthy tank grown meat to replace existing animal sources. It
could be cheaper, easier on the environment, healthier and better than
killing animals.

Best Ralph

At 04:10 PM 02/15/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Terry Donaghe, <>, writes:
>> I took a trip to PETA's website (which is pretty and very nicely done) but
>> couldn't find a single instance of an alternative use of the lives of
>> domesticated animals. Should we let them go free? I seem to remember a
>> story about a group of eco-terrorists in France who released a whole bunch
>> of minks (or similar critter) from a fur farm. The poor things promptly ran
>> away right into traffic where a bunch were killed. Can you imagine what
>> would happen if we set pigs free to roam the forrests?
>This isn't the real problem. Even if people do decide to stop eating
>animals, it won't happen overnight. Herds will gradually decrease over a
>period of years as farmers breed less due to decreased demand. We won't
>have to decide what to do with millions of unwanted cows and hogs.
>The issue, rather, is that a bunch of "potential" animals, who would
>have been born, raised, slaughtered and eaten, won't be born at all.
>The total number of cow-minutes of life will be greatly reduced, and
>likewise for other food animals.
>Whether you see this as good or bad might depend on how you view the
>quality of life of farm animals today.

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