Re: post-singularity teenage sayings

Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 13:31:32 MST

The evolved-Cockroaches provide psychological counseling to humans for the
maledy of being Blattaria-Dictyoptera-deprived.

Jaron Lanier gets sentenced to a ver.2 Middle Earth, to dwell for 120 years
as a Rastafarian Hobbit, to atone for his luddite tendencies. He likes it. Ya

Universes are evolved to answer such existential questions like:
"If Ben Grimm and the Hulk were to have a fight with Superman and The Flash,
who would win? "
The bad news is the rest of the populations of the generated universes become
pissed, once they realize their lives, and the lives of the lives of everyone
they knew were produced merely as a random side-bar to answer stupid
Drawback: They kick our asses just for fun. On a positive note: They kick our
asses just for fun. Drinks are bought for all, afterwords. Clothing optional.

A virtual Disneyland in every home! Upgradeable to either:
  A) Babe-City
  B) Guy-town

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