Re: high and low-trust societies

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 23:44:25 MST wrote:

> I noticed an impressive example of high-trust in that paragon of progress,
> Silicon Valley. When I was there in the mid-90's, I would see people line up
> their cars over a mile on the shoulder of the northbound 101, waiting to
> make the turn onto the eastbound Dunbarton bridge. "Cheaters" could
> stay in the right lane of the freeway and get into line just before the turnoff.

Hey Curt, they still do that at Dunbarton exit, nearly everyone gets
in line. Going the other way, you see a mixed bag, but about 90%
cooperators, SR 237 going onto I680, with about 9% defectors
going in the faster middle lane and about 1% superdefectors, getting
in the fastest left lane, blocking thru traffic and having to cut into
2 lines. The traffic seems more agressive when Im on travel
to similar sized cities outside the Bay area methinks. spike

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