Re: anybody out there?

From: Chris Rasch (
Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 21:54:37 MST

Hi E. Shaun,

Thanks for taking the time to generate the stats...

> I wouldn't say that this is a reflection of anyone who considers his or
> herself "extropian," but a reflection of those willing (or able) to put
> their money where their minds are. Amara's estimate is probably closer to
> being correct for extropians as a whole. In my recollection, past
> conferences have had roughly 1/3 of the audience and speakers as female,
> for what it's worth.

Unfortunately, I suspect a large fraction of those women at conferences, if
asked, would not identify themselves as extropian. Rather, I think many come
along to indulge their SO's eccentric interests.

However, are these statistics unique to Extropianism? Do other radical
social movements (radical in the sense of advocating large changes from the
status quo) show similar disproportions? I have no hard numbers but the
greens seem to attract a much higher percentage of women.

Incidentally, men outnumber women 5:1 in Ron Merrill's count of the members
of the IOS (Insitute for Objectivist Studies) scholars directory.


Some additional discussion of the issue:


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