Re: Neal Blaikie vs Michael Lorrey

Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 20:09:18 MST

In a message dated 2/14/01 6:54:43 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:<< Nope, I just call them like I see them. In Mr.
Blaikie's case, I'm willing to accept his claims, but recall that "for evil
to prosper only
requires that good men do nothing". Being 'open minded' and 'balanced' with
leftists usually gets a person shot or jailed by them in the end. Notes of
'peace in our time' waft through the rafters. >>

Hey, Mike
    Just a rhetorical question for you. I have been trying to figure out why
communist and such attempt to treat capitalists with such disdain when they
have never been able to show even one success after all these years? Just
Ron h.

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