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Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 11:13:17 MST

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>It appears as if Brian D Williams <> wrote [re
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>|Yeah, lately everytime some guy get's caught with his pant's
>|down someone bring's up this lame excuse. Humans have a large
>|brain and are supposed to use it, and no silly biological fact is
>|a good excuse for a lack of character or integrity.
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Although Jackson was mentioned in the article, I did not
specifically mention him in my quote. I was arguing the general

>If one find biological facts to not match one's meme system, and
>one decides to ignore the biological facts due to this, then I
>call that a "prejudice".

>From Websters: prejudice 1) an unfavorable opinion or feeling
formed beforehand and without knowledge or reason.

Obviously we use different definitions.

>It really appears as if you meant that referring to biological
>theories as to human male behavior, esp. Mr. Jackson's
>extramatrimonical activities, was a (quote) "lame excuse" (end

Not his in particular, although he is technically a member of the
set (of all male adulterers).

>Or did you react on the word "prejudice" as too harsh a word to
>classify such an opinion?

I though it incorrect, as it is we use different definitions

>Due to oppression of personal freedom from humans in government,
>religion, and in other groups, the only way for humans to live
>together requires that they do these meaningless rituals as
>required by the Government or the Right Religion. Those who
>mistake empty rituals for a lack of character or integrity make a
>great mistake, indeed. Most humans do not wish to fight oppression
>as ardently as Number 6 in the Prisoner TV series does.

An interesting tactic! You're attempting to claim that "the rules"
don't apply in certain communities.

>Societies consist of individuals, and individuals have customs, a
>"society" being an abstraction in the head of humans. Abstraction
>cannot feel, cannot have customs, etc. Individuals do. Minor
>point, though.

I would argue that societies are more than an abstraction, and they
have laws.

>You commented on the Jackson individual, so naturally I assumed
>you really meant to discuss him, as a specific example of a
>general rule. If you did not mean that, then I will naturally

>I claim only how it appeared to me. If I am in error, feel free to
>correct me.

It seems a simple difference, no repenting necessary. ;)

I would state in concluding that being ruled by animal instincts
may be appropriate for animals, but not appropriate for humans, and
definitely not for Extropians or other Transhumans.


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