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Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 09:00:55 MST

It appears as if Brian D Williams <> wrote [re Jackson]:
-------------------- START QUOTE [1] -------------------
|Yeah, lately everytime some guy get's caught with his pant's
|down someone bring's up this lame excuse. Humans have a large
|brain and are supposed to use it, and no silly biological fact is
|a good excuse for a lack of character or integrity.
-------------------- END QUOTE [1] ---------------------

KPJ <> commented:
|Then you find your favourite prejudices more relevant than
|biological facts?

It appears as if Brian D Williams <> then wondered:
|Excuse me, What prejudice? Read again, I made no specific

Excuse taken. :-)

If one find biological facts to not match one's meme system, and one decides
to ignore the biological facts due to this, then I call that a "prejudice".

Maybe I have misunderstood your statement (quote [1] above) to mean this,
but if so, feel free to elaborate on the statement as to what you _really_

It really appears as if you meant that referring to biological theories
as to human male behaviour, esp. Mr. Jackson's extramatrimonical activities,
was a (quote) "lame excuse" (end quote).

Or did you react on the word "prejudice" as too harsh a word to classify
such an opinion?

|>I lack to detect how your local customs of matrimony (a custom
|>built by the local religious death cult's priesthood against
|>having fun with your body), have any bearing on either character
|>or integrity,
|It's not my custom, it's societies. And yes, when anyone takes a
|vow I expect them to fulfill it, inability to do so demonstrates a
|lack of character, and integrity.

Feel free to replace /your local/ with /the local/, if you feel offended
by the word "your".

Due to oppression of personal freedom from humans in government, religion,
and in other groups, the only way for humans to live together requires that
they do these meaningless rituals as required by the Government or the Right
Religion. Those who mistake empty rituals for a lack of character or integrity
make a great mistake, indeed. Most humans do not wish to fight oppression
as ardently as Number 6 in the Prisoner TV series does.

Societies consist of individuals, and individuals have customs, a "society"
being an abstraction in the head of humans. Abstraction cannot feel, cannot
have customs, etc. Individuals do. Minor point, though.

|>even when applied to a person who you do not like for political
|Assumption on your part, and actually I'm a former admirer of
|Jackson, and once voted for him in the primary. So a wrong
|assumption at that.

You commented on the Jackson individual, so naturally I assumed you really
meant to discuss him, as a specific example of a general rule. If you did
not mean that, then I will naturally repent.

I claim only how it appeared to me. If I am in error, feel free to correct me.

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