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Date: Wed Feb 14 2001 - 07:50:07 MST

From: Neal Blaikie <>

>As a matter of clarification, my brother is one of thousands of
>voters who has filed an official complaint (I really don't know
>the details) over being denied his right to vote.


>As for the ballots, unless you were there and have used them
>yourself, you really have no rational basis for sniping at
>peoples' intelligence or ability to use them.

I was not there, but I recently saw firsthand the infamous Florida
ballot. It is practically the same as the ballot used here in

>Just because these under-handed activities led to Bush being
>installed as president is irrelevant to me. Had it been the
>other way around I would feel exactly the same way. My problem is
>with the blatant disregard shown for the American people, and for
>our democratic rights (what little is left of them). It has
>nothing to do with who won. This is why I feel Bush is not
>legitimately the president, not because I don't like the outcome.
>It seems to me that anyone who actually believes in liberty should
>have a problem with this.

I am unaware of any under-handed tactic that resulted in Bush
winning the presidency. I agree that it was a poor showing with
lots of room for improvement.

>I say let's have a politics that is free of such narrow and
>functionally empty dichotomies, one that actually reflects the
>will of the people. Maybe this is naive, and maybe it's impossible
>to achieve, but it seems like something worth working toward.



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