Re: >H Transhumanist Extropic Art: Primo 3M+ 2001

Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 17:57:35 MST

worked great on IE4.

Great looking site, great looking new body. I liked the enviromentally
friendly section.
>Emission control system reduces outgassing and muffles sounds.

Fantastic !.. 21st century fart gag. seriously, I do believe that humans in
our current state are not all that efficient, certainly most of the food i
consume is turned straight to waste. But then again if you eat rubbish your
body doesn't have to do much to turn it to s###. surely an intraveinous
nurishment would be much more efficient ?.
    We could do away with all that pipework we carry around and there would
be much more energy available for our ever growing brains. Much less strain
on our cardiovascular system.
    But i must admit, I would still need the equipment for divouring the
occasional Big Mac. Unless someone is working on the "Perfect virtual Big
Mac", mmmmmmm.... Just plug in and Pig Out.


    Please insert intelectual witisysum thingy here.

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