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From: Al Villalobos (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 12:30:01 MST

John Marlow Wrote:

"MOST cops (who are shot) are shot during traffic stops.
Many also get into it as a result of some personal tragedy (crime)
which has affected them in some way--..."

Having done extensive research into this very subject for work, I can quote
directly from the primary source,The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 1998 (most
recent available).

1989-1998 total law enforcement officers killed (includes federal agents)
Killed in traffic pursuits/stops:
93 (13.6%)
"Arrest situations" (has many sub-categories)Highest overall category
239 (35%)

Heres the reference:

Page 36, Table 23 (of the document, not the PDF file)
"Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed
 Circumstances at Scene of Incident by Type of Weapon"


AL Villalobos

"Knowlegde is Good" -- Faber (anyone?? :-) )

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