Re: >H Transhumanist Extropic Art: Primo 3M+ 2001

Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 11:58:21 MST

Harvey wrote:
> At 8:02am -0800 2/12/01, Natasha Vita-More wrote:
> >Please visit my current exhibition featuring a 3D and animation of
> >Primo 3M+ 2001 future body design. Thanks to collaborative scientific team
> >and music is by E. Shaun Russell.
> >
> >
> I visited on Saturday. Wonderful stuff! You do marvelous work.

I was sorry I was unable to attend the party, but my wife and I spent a
while looking at the web site and had an enjoyable discussion about the
possibilities. Fran is a physical therapist so she has a good detailed
knowledge about the body's architecture and its functional limitations.

For example she pointed out that muscles cannot inherently
lengthen/shorten by more than about a factor of two, which limits
the possibilities for enhanced flexibility and 360 degree rotation.
Of course you can postulate that muscles will be replaced by something
completely different, but once you start down that road you are unlikely
to have a human-looking body.

Overall a thought-provoking site that will hopefully bring these ideas
to a new audience.


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