Re: Man or mouse?

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 09:48:39 MST

In a front page article The new York Times leaked (to the annoyance
of the two journals involved) some more information about the two big
articles to be published on Thursday and Friday. The human genome
has at least 113 genes that are identical to those found in bacteria.
They also found, roughly, what 58.3% of the 30,000 human genes do,
that is, they at least know what general category to put them in.
It breaks down like this:

41.7% = Unknown function
13.5% = Controls activity within the nucleus
12.3% = Communication within and between cells
10.2% = Codes for enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions
  5.1% = Miscellaneous
  5.0% = Codes for rigid proteins to provide structure
  4.8% = Enables chemicals to move in and out of a cell
  3.3% = Allows cells to stick together
  2.9% = Suppress tumors
  0.9% = Controls immune functions

       John K Clark

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