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Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 00:10:00 MST

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>It doesn't take many bases to make a large brain.

Three years ago Robert Plomin of the London Institute Of Psychiatry
compared the genes of 51 kids that had an IQ of 160 or higher with
153 children with normal IQ's, none were retarded. He found there
was a relationship between high IQ and a marker on chromosome 6 called
IGF2R. Plomin said that there must be a gene very close to this marker on
the DNA and it would account for 2% of the variation in IQ found in the
population. Having this gene would be worth about 4 IQ points to you.
Dr. Plomin thinks there are probably about 50 genes responsible for the
difference between the 100 IQ kids and the 160 IQ kids in his study, this is
just the first. He also said that he doubted that any one kid had all 50 genes.

     John K Clark

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