Re: GPS Car speed control advancing in UK

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 20:29:15 MST wrote:
> Yes and no. The problem is that above 60 or 70 mph, the impact (pun
> intended) of driver ability begins to be increasingly important. People
> (especially those most in need of it) are sometimes poor judges of their own
> capabilities. Remember that recent study that showed that less intelligent
> people tended to consistently over-estimate their intelligence, while more
> intelligent people had the reverse characteristic? I daresay the same is
> true of the kinds of athletic abilities required for high-speed driving. A
> really "smart" transportation system would insert a little automation into
> the mix to place an objective measure of judgment into the loop.

Yes. This is where I would very much support some automation in the
cars. But I would support it being much smarter. One of the things it
would do would be to continuously evaluate the performance of the
operator and to adjust the amount of automation and maximum speed
allowed accordingly. Some days I simply want to tool along and other
days 90 feels like standing still and I'm perfectly tuned in. Of course
I also want the car/system to be able to drive itself so I can do more
important things like surf the web, do my email and hack code. <g>

- samantha

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