Re: CULTURE/SPACE: Tom Hanks on 2001

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 17:22:51 MST

> > > But if you prefer sixties music to
> > > eighties music, then, I'm sorry, but you're getting OLD OLD OLD
> Max More wrote:
> I believe it was Eliezer, not Natasha, who wrote that. Natasha likes 60s
> music. And she's not old. :-)

Ah yes, I believe it was Eliezer indulging in that shameless geezer baiting.

Nowthen, I understand and accept that by his definition, I am (OLD)^3,
however the question remains, why is it that so often one's musical tastes
are set by the popular music in ones teen years, and changes little over
a lifetime? Or does it?

Nowthen, today musicians are required to be gorgeous and be dancers
as well as musicians. Since all those talents are scarcely found in one
person, the musical quality of modern pop artists seems lower than
the musical quality of past artists, altho I will admit they are more
attractive and better dancers than the geezer rock crowd. But
Elvis certainly had the moves, eh?

One parting shot: we had some great tunes in the 70s: Elton John,
the Carpenters (I know, ewww, gag. Hey, I like Karens voice.)
John Denver (his music, not his politics), Eagles! Styx! Fleetwood
Mac! I figure truly great voices come along about 1 per decade,
and the ones that come to mind are Elvis, Karen Carpenter,
Dennis DeYoung, Christine McVie, Delores O'Riordan.

Someone that is up to speed, who are the great singers today,
those who will be known a long time from now not for looks
or dancing but for singing? spike

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