Re: Six theses on superintelligence

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Feb 11 2001 - 12:02:41 MST

Mitchell Porter wrote:
.. this is what I want a general theory of self-enhancement to tell me - in
what sort of environments will you *always* need domain-specific modules
that do something more than consult the Omega module? Maybe this will even
prove to be true in the majority of environments.

Anders Sandberg wrote:
A very interesting question. I'll have to think hard on that one, it seems
to relate to some of my own issues with how to set learning parameters
dependent on the information learned from the environment.

Are these possible hints?

Intensional (indexical) logic is the study of things whose value (or
meaning) depends on a context (indexes) such as times or spaces (in general:
possible worlds). This type of logic was originally developed by Kripke,
Carnap, Montague (and others) to understand natural language (indexical

The relaxation method is an iterative method by which a n-dimensional field
of values settles down to a stable solution. On each iteration the new
value, at a given grid point, is the average of the current values on the
surrounding grid points. The potential is therefore an intensional quantity.
(Lucid, i.e., was the first intensional software).

- scerir

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