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Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 19:26:59 MST

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>There was a mention on the recent television show "Mad About You"...a
>cross-over from the show "Seinfeld" where Kramer explains about how he has
>arranged to be frozen and even offers Paul some real Alcor literature.

Was it the pamphlet which shows an elderly man (I believe it's Fred
Chamberlain) in a white coat giving a tour to a woman and two children, with
a big alcor thing (canister?) behind him?
There's something really stereotypical and funny about that picture that
strikes you immediately. When a friend saw it she commented "Yeah, he
doesn't look like a mad fucking scientist". There is something about the way
he's smiling at the girl and the curvature of his fingers around her
shoulder which makes it look like he can't wait to lop off her head and toss
it into the freezer. (No offense if the individual pictures is reading

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