Re: Hyperbole and Stereotyping For Humor

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 14:45:46 MST

Spike Jones wrote:
> Punsters look for any emotional empact, such as revulsion or
> laughter, and this serves as positive feedback for their ig-
> nobel activities! Otherwise our humor is soon exhausted as
> posters run the gamowt of word play. We exclaim: "Yukawa-
> t a pun? Heres a pun!" which is followed by still greater nonsense,
> or should I say, antisense. Someone starts it, then its one after a-
> Noether. Soon the bosons will Bjorken overtime, trying to make
> new physics jokes, or come up with a new spin on old ones.
> Just ask David, its Gross! Of course they think they are charming,
> but they are in fact strange, and their jokes lack flavor. All we ask
> is for the extropian physicist-commedians to grant us asymptotic
> freedom from their quarky sense of humor. spike

A charming retort, from top to bottom, but are you positive this won't
just make people think you're strange? ^_-

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