Re: EXTRO-5 Conference: Shaping Things to Come, June 15-17, 2001

From: Anders Sandberg (
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 13:15:28 MST

Max More <> writes:

> I'll be posting details in a week or so, but since Anders asked about a
> date, I'll post it here and ask for feedback. No weekend will work for
> everyone, but I'd appreciate knowing if many of you cannot make it. I'd
> rather not change the date now, but will consider it if it turns out to be
> especially problematic. The bare bones information for now:
> EXTRO-5: Shaping Things to Come
> June 15-17, 2001 (all main sessions on Sat 16 & Sun 17)
> San Jose, California

Looks good for me! It seems to fit with my plans for when to do my
travelling, although I might have to first go to the US for Extro5,
then to Berlin for TransVision and then back to the US for another
conferece. Ah, living la vida locomotive :-)

BTW, I would very much like to try out sushi with the rest of you!

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