honest elections

From: Brian Phillips (deepbluehalo@earthlink.net)
Date: Sat Feb 10 2001 - 09:27:55 MST

>If your statement is true, then why do the people in every other culture
>invariably want the sort of society we have? They want 4 door cars, PCs,
>internet access, good neighborhoods and schools, honest elections, and
>all of the other features of the America that isn't marred by big city
>welfare state problems.
>Now, I do make exceptions. The French, for example. ;) They are the
>exception that proves the rule...
Got the cars, PCs, schools etc. DON'T want the theocratic government with
no PR voting.

Sorry, did you say "HONEST ELECTIONS"?? *James feels overwhelming gurgle
of laughter build in his stomach..*

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more....

 The Last election WAS honest...he bought it fair and square!
  An "Honest" election is an election that you (and your allies) buy mostly
non-violently, rather than swim in blood to get. A Dishonest election is an
election where you methodically and brutally assure that as many as possible
contenders never get the chance to aquire the rescources to buy the election
fair and square...the others you can't shoot you have to deal with, the ally
with the most money (or it's equivalent) gets the spot at the top, the rest
of the crew divide the remaining spoils.
 THIS IS DEMOCRACY! God bless America.
 When I realized that the only society without inherent corruption was a
graveyard...then I began to grow wise.....


d e e p b l u e h a l o

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