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From: John Calvin (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 21:38:49 MST

Short commercial:

     Scene:young child, obviously ill and in pain lying in hospital bed. Doctor enters room with another person (looks like prominent Anti-GM activist).

     Doctor says quietly to the Activist:"this child has a rare genetic disorder known as "(insert nasty familiar genetic disease here)". Very painful, ultimately fatal. We might have found a cure with more genetic research, but that won't happen now that your people have all the research facilities shut down."

     Activist whispering response:"well, that is unfortunate, but the research is so dangerous."

     Walking over to the side of the bed the Activist leans over and grasps the childs hand:"I'm so sorry we can't help you, but this Genetic Engineering stuff is really dangerous. If we found a cure for your disease then everyone would expect us to cure them as well, and others would want to use it to live longer, or healthier. If that were to happen then just imagine how fast the world population would grow." "You understand don't you?"

     The child shakes vir head no:

     Activist:"well if you had the time you would, and besides (putting on a smile)you're in gods hands now"

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