Creative Protest

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 16:05:29 MST
Here is one example of the depth and creativity of left wing protesters.
We've talked about before, they were the ones who set up
the fake website and arranged sponsorship for the plot.

Now, last year I was quite creative in enticing the people behind RTMark
to give me copies of the scripts they use to run their website (I can be
a flatterer when I have to, and I have a record of proposing interesting
protest ideas with them, which includes a Windows boot splash switch
scheme to replace the default boot splash with an animation of windows
being broken by an apple or a penguin...). Suppose we create a website
very much like RTMark, but with the opposite intent: sabotaging leftist
protests, propaganda, and programs in creative ways.

Another possibility is for extropes to sign up with RTMark, propose
projects and fund them as well, coordinate with leftist recruits to do
the actual sabotage, then expose them so they get nabbed.... This is a
more dirty idea, but likely to earn kudos with corporations that might
be interested in funding such a project....


Mike Lorrey

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