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Date: Fri Feb 09 2001 - 06:38:35 MST

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"The Commission's stress on communicating the scale and pace of change
has been borne out by extraordinary developments in science and
technology in just the eighteen-month period since the Phase I report
appeared. The mapping of the human genome was completed. A functioning
quantum computing device was invented. Organic and inorganic material
was mated at the molecular level for the first time. Basic mechanisms of
the aging process have been understood at the genetic level. Any one of
these developments would have qualified as a "breakthrough of the
decade" a quarter century ago, but they all happened within the past
year and a half.

"This suggests the possible advent of a period of change the scale of
which will often astound us. The key factor driving change in America's
national security environment over the next 25 years will be the
acceleration of scientific discovery and its technological applications,
and the uneven human social and psychological capacity to harness them.
Synergistic developments in information technology, materials science,
biotechnology, and nanotechnology will almost certainly transform human
tools more dramatically and rapidly than at any time in human history."


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