RE: Transparency, etc.

From: John Marlow (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 22:31:21 MST

Also keep in mind the media seize on the sensational and the
exceptional. "Everyone was nice to everyone else today," does not
sell well.



On 8 Feb 2001, at 12:15, Amara Graps wrote:

> From: "denis bider" <>, Mon, 5 Feb 2001
> >I was rather disgusted when I read the LA Times article. [...]
> >Reports like these are continuously strangling my desire to
> >ever move to the United States, as much as I once wanted to.
> And you believe what you read in the media about the US? I don't.
> I know better.
> If you really want to learn accurate things regarding America, while
> living in Europe then:
> 1) find journalist(s) whose words you trust and weigh those in your
> readings/viewings
> 2) ask your friends and colleagues, who have spent some time in the U.S.,
> questions (and then *listen* to their answers).
> 3) go spend some time there and experience for yourself. _that's_
> the best way.

John Marlow

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