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From: J Corbally (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 17:21:51 MST

> > The simple facts are that the kinds of people who are drawn into
> > scientific
> > and technical fields tend to be TERRIBLE communicators in the way
> > needed to
> > have an impact on the culture at large.
>I wonder why this is. Wish we could talk about this on the list and figure
>it out. It hasn't always been so.

I'm not sure that sci/tech draws people with bad communication
skills. Perhaps it does, but I think there are very few naturals when it
comes to Saganesque standards of skill. All people, even the best, have to
polish and hone their skills. I remember reading Richard Dawkins a while
ago. He met a young woman arguing the creationist cause in a debate. It
turned out she didn't believe a word of it, but was doing it to sharpen her
skills (the old "if I can argue THIS successfully, I can argue just about
anything!" adage). I not sure, but I hope she became involved in the

> > Even getting the people who could afford to fund the grooming of good
> > spokespeople to recognize the need seems to be an uphill task.
>This is something the people on this list could begin to remedy immediately.
>Beginning with each person funding their own grooming (funding in terms of
>time as well as money).

Agreed. Starting with those of us who work for large corporations. Most
of them run assertiveness/comms skills courses, usually gratis to
employees. I'm hoping to look into this myself. For those who don't have
such access, speaking at local events/clubs etc can be a good way to
"blood" oneself, esp. if it's being recorded. Nerve-wracking if you've
ever done it, I know. But sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Let
your passion for your subject matter drive you. I wonder if doing local
theatre would help someone overcome reservations about speaking out?

You can bet the Luddies aren't luddite about presentation and comms.



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