Extropian Greens (was Re: The International forum on Globalization)

From: Brian D Williams (talon57@well.com)
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 14:01:14 MST

From: Michael Wiik <mwiik@messagenet.com>

>Someone on slashdot identified himself as Green/Libertarian the
>other day. Any why not? I'm on the viridian green mailing list

I posted the Viridian manifesto on this list the day Bruce released
it. I thought it was and is and interesting movement.

My idea of green is obviously also a little different. I was
talking with an engineering buddy of mine and we were discussing
the current electrical power situation.

Since Illinois is a big coal producer, it is naturally the fuel of
choice. It tends to be bad for the environment as currently
practiced, but why does that have to be? The byproducts of coal
production are industrially important chemicals. Why not build a
power plant that not only burns coal to produce electricity but is
also a sulfuric acid plant and a dry ice plant or industrial gas
plant at the same time. Heck Galena Illinois is just up the road a
piece (big lead mines) and combined with sulfuric acid you have
industrial batteries...


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