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From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 11:48:59 MST

A very good idea. Ideas:

a) a spray that neutralizes the colors in green protest signs, rendering
them blank, showing that they are all storm and thunder 'signifying

b) EMP/HERF their speaker equipment and/or comm equipment. If they want
to live like primitives, no technology is allowed.

c) Go to the protest as a Green, only instead of your signs saying "Save
the [cute+fuzzy animal]", say "Save the Dung Beetle", "Save the
Lamprey", "Save the Cockroach", etc. i.e. many ugly and unwanted animals
that are killed off in great quantities or are of no benefit to

d) Other protest signs: "Florists for the Ethical Treatment of Plants",
"Don't Smoke Up, Pot Kills Plants!". Promote those aetherians that claim
to live on air, hire them to go spray dye on the cotton/hemp clothing of
Green protesters.

"estropico >" wrote:
> A couple of thoughts on what an extropian counterprotest could look like.
> Numerical inferiority would be so overwhelming in any such situation, that
> the only feasible alternative would be IMHO a Greenpeace-like stunt.
> Something sleek, high profile and camera-friendly, concentrating only on a
> couple of slogans and the address of a custom-made website, where the point
> could be made more fully. The whole thing should be carefully staged right
> in front of the camera crews. THEN there would be plenty of journalists
> trying to find out what that was all about (if anything for man-bites-dog
> reasons…) An example: I remember how, years ago in London, an anti-apartheid
> protester projected a swastika on the front of the South African embassy
> during some meeting there – relatively simple to do, not requiring mass
> partecipation, carried a strong and clear message and made all the evening
> news.
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> >Adrian Tymes <> writes:
> >
> > > Chris Fedeli wrote:
> > > > Adrian Tymes wrote:
> > > > > Devil's Advocate: what meaningful action could we take in this case?
> > > > > Organize a protest
> > > >
> > > > Bingo. Why not?
> > >
> > > Good points to my other points, but one more problem: do we have anyone
> > > in the area who could organize a protest? (Rifkin et al have more
> > > bodies and, for the moment, more cash with which to move around.)
> >
> >It is not a question about numbers of bodies, but rather if they can
> >reach the microphones and ask hard and clear questions. A well written
> >article in a newspaper can do much more than organising a mass meeting.
> >
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