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Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 09:42:05 MST wrote:
> I am eager to hear a
> Libertarian Socialist. Military Intelligence is a term easy to grasp but
> libertarian socialist?

Found my long-lost copy of _The Machinery of Freedom_ the other day.
Here's a quote where Friedman talks about Czech students:

"They wished to preserve government health case and some other welfare
measures, but these were not what they meant by socialism. To them,
socialism meant a just society, a society where people were reasonable
prosperous and reasonably free; it meant roughly what we mean by a
liberal society.

"This, I think, is what socialism means to much of the world. If so,
socialism need not be opposed--merely improved."

Someone on slashdot identified himself as Green/Libertarian the other
day. Any why not? I'm on the viridian green mailing list myself.


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