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From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Thu Feb 08 2001 - 09:17:17 MST

"E. Shaun Russell" <> wrote:
> It will be interesting to see how many people
> are willing to help turn their thoughts and ideas into reality.

Damn, that's what I thought I was doing every day. I daresay that's what
I would expect many extropians to be doing. Some of this is influenced
by the ideas on this list. I may be fortunate, being able to pick and
choose (for the most part) what I work on. Lack of interest in
countering some Rifkin-led conference shouldn't be construed as not
working to make the world a better place. If we had to counter every
stupidity that came along to show support for extropian ideals we'd
never have time for anything else.


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