Re: List

From: Chris Fedeli (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 21:19:41 MST

Adrian Tymes wrote:

> Devil's Advocate: what meaningful action could we take in this case?
> Organize a protest

Bingo. Why not?

> (which, no matter how well crafted, would likely be dismissed
> as a joke by the media while handing the conference a bit more
> media attention)?

No reporters laughed last time we tried it, and our opposition received
negative media treatment from unwanted sources as a result.

> Crash the party and toss in some of the questions we've come
> up with (requires physical proximity and - with that crowd - might
> be dangerous if the crowd's in a bad mood)?

Engage them in reasoned argument with respect and they'll have to respect us
enough to refrain from physical assault. Still, if they are stupid enough
to resort to violence at a media event, the offending individuals would
quickly be arrested and charged and the sponsoring luddite group-du-jour
would be publicly humiliated. Well worth a bloody nose.


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