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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 16:10:16 MST

scerir wrote:
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> Seriously, do not say good bye.

I second that. These are interesting and perilous times we live in. We
very much need to spend a fair amount of energy learning to trust one
another enough to work together and to take energy, ideas, help and some
sustenance from one another. There are few enough of us that even begin
to "get it".

Certainly there are things about this list that don't work often for
me. I tends to get bogged down a lot in intellectual exchanges that
don't have any real meat behind them or go much of anywhere. Often
signal gets drowned by noise. But this doesn't mean signal is not
present. It just means we need more efficient filters and amplifiers.

As much of what is and is not workable visions of the future and plans
for producing a desirable future are themselves in some flux it is too
early imho to say that only that which leads to action is really
worthwhile. Sometimes the action is to simply have groups form to
explore certain lines in detail, or to encourage the expansion and
nurturing of this idea and the nipping of that one. Is this action? It
doesn't matter if it is judged to be or not. It is still essential.

Some of the seeming empty exchanges are simply monkey manueverings to
attempt to establish trust and territory. Some of that is necessary for
the evolved monkeys we are. Perhaps other parts can be changed
successfully and productively.

But this group is a microcosm of the world where our visions will play
out. It is actually a microcosm highly biased to those more or less
friendly to our fondest aspirations. If we cannot learn to deal with
each other and to inspire each other here then how do we expect to
succeed in the world at large?

- samantha

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