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Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 12:18:21 MST

Brian D. Williams wrote:

>From: Natasha Vita-More <>
>>Good by.
>>Natasha Vita-More
>Huh? Is this some sort of error?

No, unfortunately it isn't. Natasha e-mailed me earlier and asked me to
apologize for the blooper (by = bye) on her behalf. I believe that she has
grown tired with the fact that as history has shown, people on this list
tend to complain about problems (social, political and otherwise) rather
than do what it takes to rectify those problems. The fact that the recent
gun debate went on for so long, without certain posters having enough
individual discretion to throttle back their postings may have some bearing
on it as well.

While I will obviously still stay on this list, I must admit that I agree
with Natasha on some of her reasons. We may look into a possible revision
of list guidelines in the near-future --not totally precipitated by
Natasha's departure (though she herself has been on the list for ages, and
is an Extropy Institute Advisor to boot), but due to some other recent
complaints as well.

In my mind, it is true that a mailing list is comprised of the thoughts and
ideas of list members, but it is generally assumed that those thoughts and
ideas are a reflection of action or a desire to action --something which
may be lacking with some (but most assuredly not all, or even most) posters.

This weekend I will make an announcement which will be specifically geared
towards all list members. It will be interesting to see how many people
are willing to help turn their thoughts and ideas into reality.


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