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From: Chris Russo (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 10:19:27 MST

At 06:51 -0800 2/7/01, Brian D Williams wrote:
>From: Natasha Vita-More <>
>>Good by.
>>Natasha Vita-More
>Huh? Is this some sort of error?

Yes, it should be "Goodbye".

Seriously, though, her last couple of posts were efforts to motivate
everyone to respond in some meaningful way to that green luddite
group and their conference. No one really responded to her, so I
guess that she got frustrated with us and decided to leave.

I didn't have anything contribute by way of ideas, for that
particular campaign she wanted to wage, so I just kept my mouth shut.


Chris Russo

"If anyone can show me, and prove to me, that I am wrong in thought 
or deed, I will gladly change.  I seek the truth, which never yet 
hurt anybody.  It is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance 
which does harm."
              -- Marcus Aurelius, MEDITATIONS, VI, 21

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