Re: from 6 billion to 500 million: how?

From: John Marlow (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 23:04:14 MST

The systems you describe, if implemented with no overrides, are going
to get pilots killed. No question whatsoever.


On 6 Feb 2001, at 20:48, Spike Jones wrote:

> Chuck Kuecker wrote:
> > Ever compare the intelligence of a house cat to a lion? Or a chihuahua to a
> > Great Dane?
> I dont expect the little ones are as bright, and I do not expect
> tiny people to be as smart as full sized ones, however consider
> this curious twist: the first Mars colonists would live in a post-
> singularity world, in a sense. They would depend on machines
> to make the decisions, to help them think. They would live in
> a world in which machines are smarter than they are.
> We can already see limited cases in which humans have at
> least temporary post-singlarity existence (again, in a sense).
> The F18 has experimental ACFIT software (anti-controlled
> flight into terrain). If the pilot is heading for the ground, the
> ACFIT assumes he is dead, injured, or crazy, takes over
> the controls and avoids the turf. Then if the pilot doesnt
> start giving commands that make sense, the ACFIT will
> actually ignore him and fly home. The future JSF (Joint
> Strike Fighter) will have extensive ACFIT as well as
> software that will take over the controls when the plane
> has been fired upon, in order to decide upon an optimal
> strategy then attempt an evasive maneuver to avoid an
> incoming missile.
> In the time it would take to train a Martian colonist, I
> think we could write the software to take many of those
> tasks that require high intelligence out of her hands. This
> has some enormous advantages. If we manage to find
> the genetic switch that would allow us to produce a tiny
> person, good chance is that she might be mentally average
> or below. But she could carry frozen embryos that are
> almost sure to be way above average. If the machines
> can carry the load in the area of judgement for one
> generation, then intelligence could be bootstrapped upwards.
> In a sense then, the Mars colonists would be kinda sorta
> living post singularity (lower case s).
> Eager to hear Eliezer's comments on this.

John Marlow

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