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>From: Spike Jones <>

>So how do we prevent it from invading homes? Not by police but
>by nosy or horny neighbors for instance, in the form of microcams
>carried by insects or mice. And regarding public places, how about
>restrooms and locker rooms? Do we just blow off ever expecting to
>cover our nudity? Im OK with that. Are you? spike

Consider to be the following a dumb thing I'm tossing out with hopes that
someone else can use it as a seed for a smarter thing.. as of right now I
can't think of a way to make this work, but:
Would it be possible in some way to "encrypt" light? Put certain lights in
your home which flash and interfere with eachother and do all kinds of
things such that an outsider looking at it with the naked eye will see just
a chaotic light show, and be unable to tell where objects are and how they
are moving. But to someone wearing "decrypting glasses", the light will be
decoded, so that objects and their movements can be discerned.
Like scrambling/descrambling a TV signal, but with the light reflecting off
real objects in real time in the real world.

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