Re: SOC/BIO/POL: International Forum on Globalization conference

Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 17:36:02 MST

A window of opportunity opened and I have yet to read a post in which someone offers practical suggestions for working the problem. Reading responses to Greg's post and watching where it's heading is an indicator of why there's an avoidance in simply talking.

Why not apply the same collaborative skills and problem solving skills to this thread that have been applied to other issues of interest. Not by pontification, not by complaints, but by developing in-depth and resourceful dialogue.

I think that expressing emotions can be done resourcefully and I wouldn't equate emotionality with inferior behavior. Emotions are a fine tool for digging into the core of a problem and understanding the motivations behind a person's resistance to change. Emotions are like a barometer for gauging how much we can tolerate. It is also a means to find a common level of care and concern, and this is what society needs. It is not beneath us to help provide it with our intelligence and skill that will shine in light of the demonstrative emotions which are used to manipulate and scare society.

Be impassioned to do something about the misrepresentation of the role of technology in society. What we discover time and time again is that there are no certain formulas for what does and does not work. Especially in marketing. I enjoy defying written scripts proposing a certainty about life, and I'm not at all certain that Rifkin's troupe and its hysteria will get top billing if the counter is strong enough.


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