Re: The International Forum on Globalization - More suitable for Halloween than Valentines...

From: Al Billings (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 16:35:52 MST

James wrote:

> BTW, what makes you think that so many groups interested solely in making
> profit isn't in the best interest of the long-term survival and quality of
> life of the human species? Most quality of life is generated by groups
> looking solely for a profit, and those same groups have certainly improved
> the odds of the survival of the human species. You must be using a rather
> arbitrary and exclusionary definition of "better for people". Sounds like
> a knee-jerk "evil corporation" meme to me.

 Well, gee, James, since you obviously already have all of the answers,
there's no point in engaging in any sort of dialogue, is there?


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