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From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 06:11:52 MST

At 08:06 PM 2/5/01 -0800, Spike Jones wrote:

> > Microcams would only require jamming,
>...Unless it has some kind of onboard solid state recording system
>perhaps with a motion detector so that it doesnt use a transmitter.
>You *know* the military is gonna develop something like this,
>if they havent already, and it will eventually find its way into the
>military surplus stores.
>A scanner could look around for the existence of jammers. If
>none are detected, the thing could transmit its heart out, with no
>fear of discovery. Even if the actual device is found, there is no
>clear way to figure out who is the perp responsible. This is gonna
>be difficult to defeat. spike

I have this vision of some sort of active shield - scanning low-powered
laser that detects mobile critters like this and zaps them - or perhaps
some sort of microwave barrier that would fry its' guts when it attempted
to enter the protected area. No idea at all on how to keep the microwaves
in one place - they tend to like to reflect and refract and otherwise go
wherever EM radiation can go, but the scanning laser idea could make window
screens obsolete for keeping out organic bugs...

Hearken back to the Colossus discussion - didn't that critter reside in a
cave in the mountains, protected by a lethal radiation shield? We need to
come up with the equivalent for nano and microtech robots, that won't fry
friendly stuff...

Chuck Kuecker

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