RE: from 6 billion to 500 million: how?

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Date: Tue Feb 06 2001 - 01:41:37 MST

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> Could be. Point was that it ain't gonna be cheap to get to Mars
> before nano. Buy or punch your own, it's going to cost "lots and lots
> and lots of money." I'll stand by that.
> :)
> jm

Just curious:
What is your "design reference" for this statement? Are you imagining a
built-in-orbit, fuel-for-both-legs-of-the-trip type of mission, or are you
open to less orthodox methods. I think you reference Bush Sr.'s failed 500
billion smackers plan. If you think that is the only way to get to Mars,
I'll tell you why you're wrong. The Mars Direct plan calls for 50 billion
over ten years. That's 5 billion a year, a small percentage of NASA's
budget. Granted, this is to establish a scientific base, not a colony, but
its a beginning, and its how it will happen. What do you expect, the
world's governments will just go, "Hey! Let's build an autonomous, fully
functional colony on another planet, which will be of absolutely no use to
us, right now! And let's blow a whole bunch of money doing it!" Reducto ad
absurdum is only so useful. Sometimes you have to argue from the actual
situation. ;)


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