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None from me; I said the same thing. Except--you can't legislate that
citizens MUST carry the things--only the cops.


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 If you put all these lines together, they seem to me to point
> strongly in the direction of making all interactions with government actors
> freely recordable.
> This is what I had in mind when I posted yesterday about the development of a
> new presumption regarding evidence derived from near-future PDAs. If I were
> sitting on the bench, faced with a questionable arrest in 2015, I would
> expect to see at LEAST two distinct recordings of the events in question; one
> >from the police and one from the defendant. The absence of the defendant's
> recording would automatically make the legality of the arrest suspect and
> shift the burden to the police to establish that it was constitutional.
> Now, how would such a presumption impact police behavior? One, it would make
> them very careful not to interfere with a citizen's PDA, if she had one.
> Two, it would encourage people who believe that they might be subject to
> improper police behavior to get and maintain PDAs. Three, it would encourage
> the police to develop and maintain the best possible recording equipment,
> with the best possible security against tampering - by the police or anyone
> else. Finally, it would create on the part of the government a keen interest
> in the development and implementation of secure, tamper-proof data protocols
> for EVERYONE, police and citizen alike.
> Criticisms?
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