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From: Chris Russo (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 09:14:02 MST

I read your post and what you quoted and thought, "Wow, that sounds
bad. Some guy was shot by the cops in LA?" But when I followed the
link, I learned that the cops were only firing rubber bullets. I'm
sure they sting like an SOB, but if the guy had been shot in Kosovo,
it wouldn't have been with rubber bullets.

The whole time I was reading the article, I was wondering about the
motivation of the police officers. Did a riot seem imminent? Had
officers been injured? Was there some type of perceived threat to
innocent bystanders or public property? Unfortunately, the article
doesn't cover the police perspective except for one little quote from
a police spokesperson. Instead of providing any real information
about the event that might have given a discerning reader a full
picture of what happened, the article seemed only to pander to
typical anti-police sentiment in the worst one-sided way.

Even if you take all of the complaints as true - a dubious decision
at best - the worst things that happened were that a woman was
knocked down and cut her knee, and a guy lost his camera. If that's
all that happened and a serious riot was prevented, I say,
"Congratulations to the LAPD".

I'm curious. How can you read such an obviously one-sided article
and reference it here as though it validates your argument?

Such a wonderful news site, that A real paragon of
journalism. Here's a little teaser from another article they're

>President Jackass
>America may want to
>forget and move on, but
>the evidence keeps
>piling up on just how
>badly Stupid George
>lost the election. By
>John Seeley


Chris Russo

>You wanna practice full disclosure? Here's what happened to the likes
>of David Horowitz, NBC, ABC, AP, etc.--in full view of one another.
>What do you think would happen to YOU, alone, on a lonesome road (or
>crowded freeway, for that matter)?
>Your intentions may be good--but you know where that road leads...
>As one photog put it:
>“There’s clear time on both sides to recognize who we are, who the
>police are and who the press is. And you know, we are supposed to
>have a white flag,” Crespo said. “I was in Kosovo last year, you
>know, and I didn’t get shot there. I got shot in Los Angeles.”
>john marlow

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