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>Subject: Re: Intelligent Design/Evolution Again
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> >Hmm. Difficult to know which to pick. Maybe the question of the
> >origin of the stupendous amount of information in a genome --
> >... But _not one_
> >of the examples usually cited in textbooks etc. as "evolution in
> >action" has ever been found to add information, and so cannot count
> >as a meaningful evolutionary step. Bacterial resistance to
> >antibiotics, for example, (e.g. streptomycin) results from a
> >deterioration that loses the molecular specificity necessary to
> >accept the antibiotic's deactivating "key" -- i.e. a loss of genetic
> >information, not a gain

Seems to be a combination of argument from incredulity ("I find it
impossible to believe, and therefore it's impossible"), misrepresentation
and straw manning of evolutionary theory.

Many things were stuck into text books and claimed to be "examples" of
evolution, mostly inaccurate, many downright false. Remember the claim
that the embryo went through a fast run evolution early in it's
development? They were examples of poor understanding of evolutionary
theory, not of a poor theory.

Perhaps Mr. Hogan has an explanation for the massive amount of "junk" DNA
in genomes? "Intelligent" Design? If DNA were a designed object like my
moped, it'd have extra wheels, a few more engines, loads of those little
peg thingies that the pillion rests their feet on, more brake levers than I
have hands, and blindingly numerous headlights, all of which wouldn't
work. (Hey, if creationists can pull out the old "747 from a wind in a
junkyard" argument, they can indulge me;)

Seems to me there's much more DNA than life knows what to do with. No
shortage of added "information" there....



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