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Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 09:59:53 MST wrote:
> I don't think it's a big leap to project that by 2010 (2020 at the very
> latest) an "always-on" audio-video PDA will be a CHEAP and universal item of

It is not particularly demanding to set up something like this even now,
the price tag depending on your geographic location and system footprint.

> personal equipment. Yes, it's a bigger leap from there to an implant. But

Indeed, and why do we need an implant for an audio/video recording equipment?
We already have wearable display prototypes that are unintrusive (i.e. you're
not visibly a gargoyle).

> even the "mature" external PDA will have significant impact. For instance, I
> can easily imagine that at a certain point a practical presumption will be
> raised that a person has a right to keep her PDA with her and on throughout
> any encounter with the police. Such a common-sense presumption would lead to

What for? They can have the hardware. They can't have the data, though, which
is a) encrypted b) mirrored remotely, so there's no point in seizing cheap
off-shelf equipment.

> effects on the relationship of citizens to the police as great or greater
> than Miranda and its progeny.

They can still seize your equipment, thus interrupting the recording process.
Of course, there might be other wired people in the area, and you might have
installed such a device (PDA/cellphone hybrids with solid state camera have
been sighted) in line of sight of the scene...

As to being legally forbidded to record police investigation, I don't have
to tell, do I? And what can you do about a video/audio sequence published
on MojoNation/Freenet networks? I can even destroy the publishing key,
so as long there's demand for this particular bit of multimedia, it can't
be destroyed safe of pulling the entire Internet down. And I can't spill the
key, since I no longer have it.

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