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Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 14:38:50 MST

Remote Viewing Conference 2001

Russell Targ (Remote Viewing pioneer at Stanford Research Institute; leading
remote viewing researcher; President of the International Remote Viewing
Association) "Why I Teach Remote Viewing"

Skip Atwater, (Research Director, Monroe Institute; former government remote
viewing training and operations officer) "Remote Viewing and Hemi-Sync"
Features the original recording of Joe McMoneagle's legendary remote viewing
of Mars)

Lyn Buchanan (Executive Director, Problems>Solutions>Innovations; former
military remote viewer/trainer) "How to succeed at not failing:
"Selecting training and practice targets to give you the edge."

Stephan Schwartz (Remote Viewing explorer; parapsychology researcher;
writer): "The Alexandria Psychic Archaeology Project"

Paul H. Smith (President, Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc.;
former government remote viewer) "Remote Viewing's Biggest Bugaboo:
How we come to think we know what really isn't so"

John B. Alexander, Ph.D. (Author, "Future War"; co-author "The Warrior's
Edge", past president, International Association for Near Death Studies):
"Remote Viewing Perspectives: Science and the Public"

Angela Thompson Smith (President, Inner Vision Research):
"Detection of Non-Local Consciousness: Catching Remote Viewers in the Act"

Gabrielle Pettingell (Director of Operations, RVIS, Inc.; former government
remote viewer) "Remote Viewing: Martial Art for the Mind"
(As part of this presentation, you will get to try remote viewing yourself)

Jack Houck (Psychokinesis and RV researcher for more than twenty years)
Findings from the brain scans of 70 conference attendees from the
Year 2000 Remote Viewing Conference.

- remote cryptomnesian

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