Re: On January 28th, Criminals No Longer Another Face in theTampa Stadium Crowd

From: Michael Lorrey (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 09:19:45 MST

John Marlow wrote:
> **
> On 1 Feb 2001, at 21:58, Chris Russo wrote:
> > >Because next thing you know it will be used to automatically track
> > >the comings and goings of targeted noncriminal individuals.
> >
> > Is that really a guaranteed slippery slope? Wasn't the same thing
> > said about wire tapping?
> **Yes; abuse is rampant.

Wire tapping is difficult because a tap needs to be arranged for all
addresses. A photo tracking system can work off of a DMV photo database
or the NIC criminal database. You get busted protesting the WTO and you
automatically become a tracked person.

> As with any law enforcement technology,
> > this surveillance equipment will require heavy restrictions upon its
> > use.
> **Good in theory; never happens in practice.

The problem is that, like Carnivore, its a sifting technology that
requires that it image everyone who passes by in order to catch the bad
guy. I just heard that the test site at the Superbowl only ID'd ONE
criminal, a ticket scalper, and he got away. How many millions did they
spend to no avail?

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